PyxisCare Anywhere

I founded PyxisCare more than 12 years ago to help people in a way that I hadn’t seen done before.  Our team could make a difference – I was certain – and I believe we have. Over those years we’ve become much more sophisticated as a company, serving hundreds of individuals and partnering with many companies to offer peace of mind, better health and wellness.

We’ve also launched services that support every aspect of need from analyzing corporate benefits to helping elderly parents secure safe and affordable housing to planning for end of life. In many ways, PyxisCare Anywhere, our completely virtual service, is an homage to our roots. We have clients across several states and many of the conditions we manage require multi-state and multi-agency support. Achieving success for our clients requires a team that’s willing to work when YOU need us. Whether in person or virtual, it’s in our DNA from our original founding.

Technology has made our lives easier and over those 12 years, we have taken full advantage of everything and every service technology has enabled, while keeping our empathy and compassion at the very center of our mission.

And still, we keep innovating.

Part of what drives our team at PyxisCare is sharing our knowledge to help people better understand how they can live better. And in the past few years, how companies can take better care of their employees while spending less on medical expenses but investing more in health.

In the spirit of innovation and sharing our knowledge, this month we also launched a podcast.  That’s right! It’s a chance for me to interview thought leaders in medicine, healthcare, mental health and insurance so YOU can be informed as a consumer, and employer and potentially a caregiver. I’m excited and humbled to interview Ben Isgur, Vice President, Health Care Thought Leadership at Fidelity Investments, who is a friend and respected colleague for our inaugural podcast. Listen here to learn more about what’s changing in benefits and employee-paid insurance, including the importance of mental health benefits.

At PyxisCare, we do our work quietly and respectfully, focusing every energy into planning for and supporting our clients and their health. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to share our passion for wellness with you – in this blog, on social, in our newsletter and now, in a podcast we call Boundaries Vs. Bridges.

Thanks for being on the journey with us at PyxisCare.

PyxisCare Anywhere

Welcome to PyxisCare Anywhere! Whether you are in an emergency situation, out-of-state or need to know next steps, our care navigation experts are available anywhere, anytime. We serve as a liaison with family and medical staff for complicated care transitions and allow for continuity of care for out-of-state or traveling clients. Technology options allow convenience and preference, paired with PyxisCare’s enhanced service.