The PyxisCare Plan

The PyxisCare Plan

PyxisCare’s expert team of Nurse Client Advocates (NCA’s) and care coordinators understand complex health care situations. The PyxisCare Plan provides a holistic evaluation of an individual’s Medical, Environmental, Financial, Psycho-social and Legal needs, including the gathering and development of key documents as necessary. A caregiver can deliver the Plan, or a PyxisCare team can continue to support your loved one.

How We Can Help

  1. Evaluation and plan development for eldercare and aging in place.
  2. Plans to improve quality of life for individuals with challenges and disabilities at all ages and care levels.
  3. Develop roadmap for loved ones to self-manage caregiving and onsite support.
  4. Comprehensive whole-person approach prioritizes your questions and needs. Our nurses quickly evaluate and recommend next steps to wellness

Mom Caregiving for an Aging Parent: Laura’s Story

Mom Caregiving for an Aging Parent: Laura’s

What You Can Expect

Detailed plan outlines actions and next steps for client to enact with existing caregivers or with PyxisCare ongoing support. Plans are both proactive and interventional, depending on the care necessary to preserve wellbeing and improve quality of life.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I care?

The US healthcare system is in crisis. Knowing what the options are and how to access care and therapies gives you peace of mind while your loved one receives more of what they need.

What makes your company different?

The results that our clients experience. We deliver a team-based, concierge level service that is built on a relationship with a trusted health advocate.

Who typically selects the PyxisCare Plan?

Families and fiduciaries that are looking to have a comprehensive, written assessment document to either get all family members on the same page with a proposed care plan, or to project care needs for the immediate future.

How long does it take?

There are two parts to the PyxisCare Plan- the interview with a Nurse Client Advocate and the review of the written report. The interview can typically be scheduled within two weeks of engagement and the report review is usually 10 business days beyond the interview date.

What if my family member needs ongoing care management after the report?

While we build the plans to be used and managed by families and clients, we often continue to work with families for ongoing care plan execution and care management. Once the report is delivered, we will determine together the scope of monthly work and can discuss hourly rates at that time.

How do we get started?