OnTime Plus

OnTime Plus

PyxisCare is ready to intervene in your medical emergency or life-changing event, just in time. Crisis intervention services include fast track assessment and immediate work on the present issues, including meeting you onsite to navigate care solutions in your most vulnerable moments. Many clients enter PyxisCare services via OnTime Plus.

How We Can Help

  1. Sudden health crisis including stroke, heart attack, brain trauma, accidents, traumatic falls, etc.
  2. Life-altering diagnoses requiring immediate attention including cancer, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, etc.
  3. Escalation of existing chronic conditions including diabetes, congestive heart failure, COPD, genetic disorders, psychiatric challenges, etc.
  4. Management of multiple clinical providers, from primary care to specialists and therapists.
  5. Includes short term engagements such as evaluation and placement in extended care and recovery venues.

Making Decisions for Aging Parents: Clay’s Story

What You Can Expect

Executive summary providing high-level assessment and immediate activities/actions for intervention and dual-tracking in emergent situations.

Frequently asked questions

Who is PyxisCare?

PyxisCare is a care management company headquartered in Texas. We have been utilizing Nurse Client Advocates with a “hands on” approach for over 12 years.

What does your company do?

We help individuals and families navigate health challenges by providing management and expertise to improve health, well-being, and quality of life.

Why should I care?

The US healthcare system is in crisis. Knowing what the options are and how to access care and therapies gives you peace of mind while your loved one receives more of what they need.

What makes your company different?

The results that our clients experience. We deliver a team-based, concierge level service that is built on a relationship with a trusted health advocate.

Who typically selects the OnTime Plus?

Families and fiduciaries that need immediate intervention due to a health crisis, such as a devastating fall, loss of a spouse, catastrophic diagnosis, immediate concern of safe living arrangements, etc.

How long does it take?

With OnTime Plus, the initial interview is typically scheduled within one week of engagement. Our Nurse Client Advocate completes an essential, condensed assessment, makes care recommendations, and begins working immediately to execute on the approved care plan.

How do we get started?