PyxisCare Story

PyxisCare concept began in 2010 after founder Mindy Jones’ personal experience with a fragmented healthcare system sparked her passion to build a better way for people to navigate the complex healthcare and wellness industry.

Ms. Jones’ previous healthcare experience as a pharmaceutical executive and then as managing director of a healthcare advocacy company, led her to understand there was a more comprehensive “whole person” view that was not being considered by providers or the industry at large.

From this experience, the PyxisCare Management brand was officially established in 2013. Finance, healthcare and information technology executive Steve Lewis, CPA, became a business partner and serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Together, they named PyxisCare for the Pyxis constellation, which served as mariner’s compass and is the inspiration for the navigation, guidance and collaboration required to serve clients.

Since their first client in 2010, the concept has grown from one nurse delivering holistic care advocacy, to today’s team of highly trained registered nurses and healthcare specialists with offices throughout Texas and clients across several states. Areas of specialty include: geriatrics, mental health, disability and chronic illness management, acute crisis intervention and avoidance, benefits management, contingency and well-being planning.

The PyxisCare team has over 100 years of combined healthcare experience. Our 90-day proprietary training ensures the best subject matter expertise, technical skill and compassionate care in the industry. In addition, we maintain more than 26 multispecialty credentials.
PyxisCare goes beyond coaching and education to focus on intervention, custom solutions and integrated care coordination that improves health and lifestyle. Their proprietary process begins with a thorough situational assessment and delivery of a care plan that addresses the full scope of need across five key dimensions: Medical, Environmental, Psychosocial, Legal and Financial.

PyxisCare is now a privately held company that ensures clients, families and companies achieve peace of mind through planning, preparation, ongoing support and advocacy.

About PyxisCare Management:

The PyxisCare concept began in 2010 and was established as PyxisCare Management in 2013. The company is based in Dallas/Fort Worth with offices throughout Texas, and clients in several states. PyxisCare is a highly personalized and confidential healthcare navigation and care coordination service that ensures individual, fiduciary and corporate clients have peace of mind and are prepared for the future in matters of health, wellness and acute care intervention. The company is privately owned and operates with the guidance of a Board of Directors.