PyxisCare Choice

PyxisCare Choice

Ensure your wishes and directives are understood and honored when you work with PyxisCare’s experienced nurse client advocates. We partner with estate planning attorneys and financial planners to ensure clients are empowered to voice their wishes and build a plan that supports end-of-life decisions. Evaluating choices and intended outcomes ensures alignment between caregivers, clinicians and medical power of attorney.

How We Can Help

  1. Developing estate plans in concert with legal and financial counsel
  2. Changes in health status which prompt updates in legal and fiduciary choices.
  3. Properly documenting advanced directives and care plans as lives become complex and needs grow.

John and Sally's Story

Thanks to the PyxisCare Choice team we have a clear understanding of our end-of-life directives and a positive way to share our desires regarding future medical care with our children and other family members.”                                                 

–Sally and John W.

What You Can Expect

Pre-work document outlining options and decision points. Meeting to discuss options with medical power of attorney and other relevant parties.  Detailed recap to be used in legal documents; follow-up meetings as necessary.  

Frequently asked questions

Who is PyxisCare?

PyxisCare is a care management company headquartered in Texas. We have been utilizing Nurse Client Advocates with a concierge approach for over 12 years.

What does your company do?

We help individuals and families navigate health challenges by providing management and expertise to improve health, well-being, and quality of life.

Why should I care?

The US healthcare system is in crisis. Knowing what the options are and how to access care and therapies gives you peace of mind while your loved one receives more of what they need.

What makes your company different?

The results that our clients experience. We deliver a team-based, concierge level service that is built on a relationship with a trusted health advocate.

Who typically selects the PyxisCare Choice service?

Individuals and couples that are completing or reviewing their estate plan documentation. We work in conjunction with estate planning attorneys to empower individuals and their agents to craft and understand their legal care documents (medical power of attorney, advanced directive, do not resuscitate). This consultative service helps families know what to do in the event of a health crisis or terminal diagnosis.

How long does it take?

With PyxisCare Choice, the initial interview is typically scheduled within one week of engagement. Our Nurse Client Advocate conducts a discovery interview and discussion, reviews documents at signing, and participate in follow up conversations with agents regarding future health decisions.

How do we get started?