Getting a Clear Understanding of Our End-of-Life Directives – John and Sally’s Story

Thanks to the PyxisCare Choice team we have a clear understanding of our end-of-life directives and a positive way to share our desires regarding future medical care with our children and other family members.”                                                 

–Sally and John W.  

Advance Care Planning bridges the gap between a person’s wishes for their end-of-life care, their family members, medical providers and legal counsel, and nearly 2/3 of Americans do not have an advanced care directive. In addition to offering a wide range of valuable services, from medical crisis management to the ongoing maintenance of chronic illness, PyxisCare Management provides personalized, comprehensive advance care planning (ACP) called PyxisCare Choice. Our experienced nurses partner with estate planning attorneys and financial planners to ensure clients are empowered to achieve their wishes. Recently we chatted with Sally and John W. about their experience with the PyxisCare Choice program.

What led you to PyxisCare Choice? We wanted a personalized approach to ACP, more than what just an attorney could offer. We were looking for a relationship where we could have an ongoing conversation about estate planning and updates in legal and fiduciary choices as our health status changes. PyxisCare Choice brings in medical expertise that you won’t find at an attorney’s office. A colleague who works with PyxisCare recommended PyxisCare Choice.

How was meeting with a PyxisCare expert valuable?  Thanks to the PyxisCare Choice team we have a clearer understanding of our end-of-life directives and a positive way to share our desires regarding future medical care with our children and other family members. Our meeting also pushed us to ensure we had all the documents we would need. The team was informative and navigated issues that we had not thought about. We now have peace of mind that our ACP has been taken care of and everyone is on the same page.

What do you expect the outcome to be? We now have confidence that as we move towards end-of-life care, our wishes and directives will be understood and carried out by our family and health care providers. Teaming up with PyxisCare is not just one meeting and done. We will continue to have ongoing conversations about our wishes and goals as our medical needs change. For example, if we become incapacitated for any reason, we know that the PyxisCare team will be there to support our family.

How does PyxisCare Choice help with family dynamics when planning for the future? Through the support and guidance of the PyxisCare Choice team, we can discuss our desires with our children and emotions during the conversation. Our family learned many details about the process that attorneys don’t usually cover in ACP. The bonus is that our children will be ready to plan their ACP through everything they’ve learned with the PyxisCare experts.

What did you discover about advance care planning by using PyxisCare Choice? The PyxisCare Choice team took time to educate us about everything related to ACP. We had a general knowledge before we started but the team provided comprehensive information about estate planning, the importance of advanced directive documentation, legal and fiduciary choices, and so much more. We are ready to move into our future with confidence and peace of mind.

About PyxisCare Management

The PyxisCare concept began in 2010 and was established as PyxisCare Management in 2013. The company is based in Dallas/Fort Worth with offices throughout Texas, and clients in several states. PyxisCare is a highly personalized and confidential healthcare navigation and care coordination service that ensures individual, fiduciary and corporate clients have peace of mind and are prepared to manage healthcare utilization, proactive wellness and acute care intervention. The company expanded into corporate support by providing on-site personal health nurses at high benefits utilization worksites, in support of employee wellness and resulting in lowered medical costs for employers.  The company is privately owned and operates with the guidance of a Board of Directors.