PyxisCare Anywhere Client Story: Reginald W

“I am forever grateful that God sent an Angel named Angela who mediated and fought for my daughter to be where she is today: happy, well and home.”

–Reginald W., Father and caretaker for daughter with cerebral palsy        

When I brought my 24-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy to the hospital for an infected feeding tube, we expected the staff to treat the infection, and she would be home feeling better soon. Instead, after a series of medical errors at the hospital, her condition worsened, and we feared losing Jazmin. It was unimaginable to think of losing this bright light, whom we affectionately call “honey bunny”.

Adding to her medical challenges, the hospital staff was unresponsive to our family’s concerns and were not honoring my role as her power of attorney (POA). Her treatment plan did not match her diagnosis and after many years of managing her care, I knew she would not recover using this plan. Our request to be transferred to another hospital, was denied. I was desperate for a solution when a friend told me about the PyxisCare Anywhere program, I knew this was an answered prayer for advocacy and intervention.

Solutions Through Advocacy:

When the Nurse Client Advocate, Angela W. called, she listened carefully to my concerns, took time to understand the complexities of Jazmin’s care, and jumped into action. Due to the deterioration of my daughter’s health, time was not on our side. She contacted the medical team immediately to ask questions and suggest other options for her care. The doctors wanted to put Jazmin on a ventilator but we both knew that this could kill her.

Angela explained Jazmin’s specific conditions to the medical team and discussed previously proven procedures that would have a better chance of success and improve her breathing. The hospital reviewed their treatment plan, made changes and agreed to perform a life-saving procedure.

Angela spent time researching the right medical organizations that could put Jazmin on the path to recovery for her highly complex needs. She was able to find the right company and medical staff to help us. Fully committed to advocating for our daughter, Angela suggested to the hospital they allow Jazmin to be released into the care of another hospital that could serve her unique needs.

Still sick, but stable enough for discharge, I brought Jazmine to another hospital where she received proper care and medication. Within a couple of days, my daughter was well enough to go home after this harrowing ordeal. I don’t know where my daughter would be without Angela’s advocacy, creativity, and determination to resolve our situation. What’s amazing is that she was able to organize all of this remotely; her long experience and skill in nursing, plus patient advocacy and technology, allowed her to streamline the process and save us time and resources. We didn’t have the time or ability to attend in-person meetings; I wanted to stay near Jazmin, and the process ran smoothly and successfully.

Our honey bunny may have cerebral palsy, but she lives a full life. We travel. We visit parks. She’s happy. She may not be able to speak with words but she “talks” every day. I am forever grateful that God sent an Angel named Angela who mediated and fought for my daughter to be where she is today: happy, well and home.