Meet The Team, PyxisCare’s Shannon H.

“Students and families deserve an equitable education. It’s my goal to
ensure each student has every opportunity to succeed.”

— Shannon H., PyxisCare Special Education Advocate

Shannon Howell has a comprehensive background in education and advocacy, with a focus on special education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation studies and a master’s degree in special education, with an emphasis on emotional and behavioral disorders. With over 22 years of experience, she’s worked extensively as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, and school counselor across various educational levels. Currently, she serves as a district specialist, providing support to students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and overseeing compliance with the 504 programs.


Shannon’s decision to pursue advocacy aligns with her lifelong commitment to
supporting students with special needs. Recognizing the importance of ensuring educational
equity, she emphasizes the legal and ethical obligations schools have to provide services
outlined in IEPs and 504 plans. Drawing from personal experiences and familial connections to
special education, she highlights the necessity of leveling the playing field for all students,
regardless of their challenges or disabilities. Her expertise and passion drive her advocacy
efforts, aiming to bridge the gap between policy mandates and practical implementation in
educational settings.

Shannon underscores the critical role advocates play in navigating the complexities of
special education systems. She stresses the significance of advocacy in holding schools
accountable for meeting legal obligations and ensuring that students receive appropriate
support and accommodations. Shannon explains “Students and families deserve an equitable
education. It’s my goal to ensure each student has every opportunity to succeed.” Through her
work, she aims to empower parents by providing them with the necessary knowledge and
support to advocate effectively for their children. Her dedication to staying informed about
evolving laws and regulations reflects her commitment to advocating for the rights of students
with special needs. Overall, her tireless efforts contribute significantly to improving the
educational experiences and outcomes of students with disabilities.