You’re Surrounded: Why Your Environment Matters

It’s true – your environment has you surrounded, in every way.  When I think about my environment – or a client’s – I think about it in concentric circles. A person’s immediate surroundings may seem to have the most impact. Is the air you breathe safe? Does the climate suit you? Do you have access to healthy foods?

How about your desk at work, or the ventilation system in your building? During the height of the pandemic did you wonder if going into the office was going to land you in the hospital? Obviously, a pandemic will make you think differently about everything, especially your immediate surroundings.

For Some, the Most Important Aspect

For these reasons and more, Environment is one of the most important aspects of a person’s holistic health. When I established PyxisCare more than 12 years ago, as a woman-owned business, I knew Environment played a large part in our health.  The years have taught me and my team of nurses that Environment is even more important than we originally thought. We have retrofitted dozens of homes to accommodate a range of disabilities from sight impairments to mobility challenges.   We have removed trip hazards and other impediments to help clients age in place.

As we’ve expanded into onboarding more corporate and business clients, this is a key tenet of how they support employees, manage insurance costs and protect business continuity by keeping team members both happy and healthy. As employers compete in a new economy, they must make their environments not just acceptable, but desirable.

Make it Yours

There is a softer side of environmental safety – environmental comfort. Have you thought of the things that will make you happy in your environment? Safety is the minimum requirement, but comfort is part of the aspect that you can’t afford to overlook.   A recent client wanted a yoga and meditation area for herself as the caregiver.  With all of the significant alterations made to her home for her husband’s health challenges, she also deserved a nook just for her mental health.

Physical and mental challenges can be difficult to overcome alone. Sometimes healing starts with just looking at your surroundings and beginning your journey. Right. There.