Vaccines & Vacations: How Will You Spend Your Summer?

Masks at Disney? You bet, but not everywhere. They'll have "Relaxation zones"

The United States is opening up.

Texas, where PyxisCare Management is based, is opening up.

When it comes to Covid-19 these days, it’s all about risk tolerance.

The numbers tell us that we can begin to safely and intelligently open – based on widespread vaccine availability and percentage of vaccinated adults, plus keeping some of the most common-sense preventions tactics like masking and keeping physical distance with people who aren’t vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids ramp up

Decisions, Decisions

Pfizer recently had its vaccine approval extended by the FDA for 12 – 15 year old’s, providing a choice for parents to have their younger children vaccinated. This is a highly personal choice and I encourage you to educate yourself and determine if this is the right path for your family. As an adult working with health compromised individuals, I was anxious to get vaccinated (along with almost 153 million other Americans as of May 10), but know others who have chosen differently.

Make A Plan

We are quickly approaching our second pandemic summer, and every family needs to have a plan for how they can make this summer count. Because the stakes are high for our emotional health, as well as our physical health.  The vaccine decision may affect your plans and whether you feel comfortable sending your kids away to camp, a history-making roadtrip, or if you’d feel more comfortable making select outings under tighter controls. Whatever your decision – don’t waste time – start getting your kids signed up for the free and low-cost options available to you. [read our expert blog for more ideas] (insert link to expert profile)

It’s been 14 months of varying degrees of isolation and disruption for children – who may not have the coping skills that many adults do. Experts say that the damage to mental wellbeing for adolescents will take a toll for years to come. Skyrocketing screen time has increased anxiety, depression and negative preoccupation and decreased healthy outdoor activity and peer interaction.  This can’t last, so those who haven’t, need to find a safe way to ease back in to “normal” activities.

What to Look for In a Summer Camp During COVID-19 -

Worth the Risk?

Only you, in consult with your loved ones, can decide what’s right for the children and adolescents in your life, and what fits your lifestyle. To weigh one risk against another is something we do all day, every day, without thinking – i.e. driving vs. flying, speaking up vs. staying silent. As a society, we may not ever sneeze in an elevator, get change in cash, or go to a crowded music festival without thinking about our risk of exposure – even long after this pandemic is gone. In some ways, we will be changed forever by Covid-19.

Regardless, we must encourage resilience in our youth, and we must find activities that keep them engaged, socialized and healthy. We still follow protocols and respect others’ personal decisions. My children have gone back to school, church and take part in scouting activities. I’m overjoyed to see them once again enjoying their everyday activities – albeit sometimes in a mask and with physical distancing. It’s a small price to pay and soon (if all goes as planned) even those restrictions will ease as medicine and responsible citizens do their part to protect each other.

Whatever your risk tolerance, stay attuned to your household, and make decisions that address the physical and emotional needs of the ones you love the most.