Mindy Jones

Mindy Legler Jones

“We can’t change aging or cure catastrophic illnesses, but we can make the journey easier and provide peace of mind to our clients. When I see how our families are impacted by our care, this is the reward and reason for PyxisCare.”

–Mindy Jones, PyxisCare Management Founding Principal, MS, MBA, CSA

Mindy Jones, Founding Principal of PyxisCare Management, created the company after seeing a gap in how families and individuals navigate our complex healthcare system. Learn more about what inspired her to create the PyxisCare concept.

Tell us about yourself. I grew up in a military family, was born in Germany and attended eight different schools across the US and abroad. Despite the challenges of growing up in the military and being the new kid on the block, I experienced a global, diverse world that taught me to think outside the box. From a young age I excelled in science, and earned a biology degree from Indiana University, and then a Masters in Horticulture Studies from Purdue University. Later I earned an MBA from UT Dallas.

After college I worked as a florist, a chemist, and in a greenhouse. I loved using my horticulture degree, but my entrepreneurial spirit drove me to a career in pharmaceutical sales and marketing management. Through this experience of learning more about the wide range of complex medical needs, I knew I would someday own and operate a company that helped people manage their healthcare experience.

Being involved in my community is important to me and to the culture of our team. I serve on the board of Texas Wall Street Women and the Timberview High School Band Booster Club. I am the fundraising chair for two Scout troops and I teach Bible study at our church.

How did PyxisCare get started? I was fortunate to live close to my grandparents while pursuing my master’s degree at Purdue, and I spent time helping them navigate a health care system none of us understood. They were part of the Greatest Generation; my grandfather served in World War II. I researched how they could

best utilize our complex Medicare system. What does it cover? How does it work? This experience planted the seeds for PyxisCare.

After this and my pharmaceutical experience, I felt called to create a business that could help people like my grandparents. I noticed a gap in our complicated health care system. Frustrated patients and families struggle to figure out where and how to get the care they need. Our current system does not take a holistic approach to care, meaning it doesn’t consider financials, family, spirituality, and emotional health. This inspired me create a business model that would bridge these gaps.

It was important that PyxisCare would hire only the most qualified team. Nurses make the best consultants and are the most trusted professionals. The understand the emotional challenges and they also understand the complexity of healthcare coverage. The first nurse I hired came from a strong psychiatric hospital background, with a long career caring for patients with mental health challenges and brain injuries. At PyxisCare, she impacted so many patients and their families, meeting them where they were with compassion and grace. It was inspiring and I continued to be awed by this work.

The purpose of PyxisCare from the beginning was to investigate, assess, and determine the needs of our clients’ and then craft a plan of action to help them. What do I need to do to assist? Where are the best resources on behalf of this client? Our care is patient-centric, patient-driven and unique to each client.

What are your responsibilities at PyxisCare? As the chief brand ambassador, I oversee all facets of our company from clinical expertise and integrated care coordination to recruiting and business development. I communicate daily with existing stakeholders, collaborators and potential resources on behalf of our clients. We provide the highest level of service and expertise to help our clients so they can find best healthcare solutions for themselves and their loved ones. This is why PyxisCare exists. I am passionate about this and have published papers on the topic of lack of preventative care and how it negatively affects care costs and overall health outcome.

What is the most important change you’ve seen in the industry? The healthcare industry has changed and costs have soared beyond imagination. This has affected not just individuals but companies large and small. A few years ago, PyxisCare expanded to support companies and their leaders with strategic health plan management and with onsite care coordination through our Personal Health Nurses. Developing these programs with CEOs, CFOs or COOs has been transformative for the companies and also for my team. We have been fortunate to be on the leading edge of innovation, problem-solving and compassion that helps recruit, retain and preserve profits.

What brings you joy about leading PyxisCare? We often meet our clients at an important inflection point: individual clients when they are at their most vulnerable, and our corporate clients when they are making strategic decisions that affect people and profits. This is a huge responsibility that I take seriously.

A business must make money, but what motivates me every day is working for a company that creates jobs, impacts change, and compassionately serves people where they are. Seniors and people struggling with mental health and debilitating illnesses can’t advocate for themselves. Our team listens to their struggles, and we involve family members to advocate and support them. Our employees comfort, build trust and serve families and individuals struggling to cope with serious medical challenges. Our magic is in the customer service we bring to families.

We can’t change aging or cure catastrophic illnesses, but we can make the journey easier and provide peace of mind to our clients. Our corporate clients see financial and organizational benefits; it’s hugely satisfying to help a small or mid-sized company support their workforce and become more profitable.

But what sparks our joy is still the personal impact we have on people. This is what makes PyxisCare special.