“Having PyxisCare help our employees takes a huge burden off their minds and allows them to be healthier and more engaged for work. It’s a win-win.”

–Barbie Barta, CEO, Business Centric Technology (BCT).

How has PyxisCare has provided value to BCT?

I appreciate the service that PyxisCare provides because it is such a needed benefit. Nearly all of us at some time in our lives need the support and expertise of PyxisCare. They have helped quite a few of our team, with services ranging from disability support, to navigating insurance red tape for a child with a serious health condition, and others with elder care support options. Having PyxisCare help my employees takes a huge
burden off their mind and allows them to be healthier and more engaged for work. It’s a win-win.

What advice would you give to other business owners who want to support their employees and maintain business continuity?

If you’re looking for ways to better leverage benefits and support your team, you should consider PyxisCare. They provide a unique and needed benefit for your team. It’s hard to narrow down which services are the most valuable because each person’s need is so unique. I think all their needs are important. The team at PyxisCare really cares, and they want to help. I’m an expert in my area of business, but I know when we need support in the areas they cover.

How has covid affected your business and what’s your outlook for small/medium sized businesses?

My business definitely took a hit with COVID from a revenue and bottom-line standpoint. However, we took care of our employees and our customers and made sure they knew we were there to support them. We made that our focus and business is picking back up.

I believe small and medium size businesses understand struggle and they have a strong drive to survive and thrive. I know some may not make it, but it may be that they must find the next opportunity, and COVID has actually created new opportunities in the market.