Party Like It’s 2019? Not So Fast.

Will we ever go back to normal?  Three months ago, we were celebrating the end of Covid as vaccines flowed freely and case counts were low across the country.  Then the delta variant crept in and said, “slow down.”

Case counts across the country are going up. As I write, North Texas, my home, sits in an area designated as a “high transmission” area, along with much of the country at this point. Even vaccinated people are getting infected at a higher than expected rate, although with much better outcomes than non-vaccinated people.

Here We Go Again

It feels helpless to just say “Here we go again” but that’s where we are. Variants may plague us for a while and our very best protection comes in the form of vaccines, plus masking and other general preventative measures. As a business owner with a medical background working with a talented team of tenured nurses every day, I’ve made no secret that I think getting vaccinated is the right decision for the greater good. However, many of my friends have chosen to not get vaccinated yet.  And I respect their reasons.

If you’re still thinking about it, but wondering when and where you can get vaccinated, check out for a list of nearby spots.

I expect that we are in for some turmoil with recent confusion about mask wearing and physical distancing – do we or don’t we? Layer together federal mandates, state directives and local control based on case prevalence, and guidance becomes even murkier.

Moving Ahead

The best we can do in moving forward is to examine our risk tolerance and take personal responsibility very seriously. We work with clients on making these determinations in a thoughtful way – with individual clients and also as consultants to leadership at companies.  All of them want to continue to live life and move ahead in the safest way possible. And so, we help them do that.

Mostly, I dearly hope that you and yours stay well and protect your health as we move into yet another season optimistic for improvement, but touched by the lasting effects of the pandemic.