Meet the team: This Business is Personal

These days, every CEO and management expert says that “people” or “employees” are the key to success. It’s practically irresponsible to NOT say it in every leadership article or business speech that you find.

This is a business…but let’s be clear…care coordination and navigation is THE MOST PERSONAL of businesses. We work with people going through some of the lowest, most frightening and challenging points in their lives.


When I established PyxisCare, I didn’t want to just start “a business”, I wanted to help people.

So, we hire people who want to serve others. Our planning conversations at work are about how we can improve lives — how we can alleviate stress and confusion for families —how we can enable companies to support their teams—how we can save time and provide peace of mind—–and about how we can bring clients back to health or stability.

This is the first in a series that celebrates the team that works together at PyxisCare. The caring individuals who do everything from create strategic care plans and advocate at doctor appointments, to ensuring that your loved ones are in safe environments.

I’m proud of the PyxisCare Management team. At the beginning, it was just one registered nurse and myself, building trust with a handful of clients. Today, we have worked closely with hundreds of clients to bring peace of mind to families and improve outcomes for wonderful people.

Over the years, each nurse, each care coordinator, each team member is carefully recruited and trained to ensure that we are providing the most consistent and most experienced care coordination in the market.

So, look for my upcoming posts featuring our team. An experienced team that holds over 25 specialty certifications and accreditations. A kind team that supports clients as well as each other. A team that I treasure.