Meet The Team: Sarah Herrington Financial Scenario Analysis Expert

“Our support allows clients to understand and utilize the best possible options both in quality and cost.”

Sarah Herrington, Nurse Client Advocate

 In the rapidly changing insurance and healthcare world, companies and individuals need help navigating the complexities of their options and next steps.  As Nurse Client Advocates, we manage the ever-changing intricacies of the healthcare system on a daily basis and can assist the client in navigating optimal plans. Once a client shares their needs and budget parameters, we provide the best options available and how to fully utilize the coverage most effectively.

 Financial Scenario Analysis has greatly expanded for clients – tell us about the art & science of working with clients to help them with decision making. Financial Scenario Analysis begins with reviewing client resources, then presenting options that align with needs. We work through a proprietary financial scenario analysis that presents them with options and then work alongside them to best utilize their finances.

 Families are often presented with difficult care decisions that are heavily predicated by financial circumstances. Share an example of a recent successful outcome.  Oftentimes, we are able to find benefits and programs for clients that are unknown to them. There are financial options that many people do not know about and do not know how to apply to receive. For instance, several of our clients qualify for therapies, massage, home health and other benefits they previously were not utilizing.

 We have a client with brain cancer who needed to make a decision to go to a memory care unit or receive 27/4 at-home care.  The client’s family hired us to complete a financial scenario analysis to support their best long-term decision-making. We priced each scenario and presented the analyses for them with multiple options. The family was able to use a combination of both options that provided the most comprehensive care plan for their loved one.

What is the average cost of an analysis?  Financial scenario analyses are priced by hour, but we do provide an estimate based on projected time.

How does this analysis help you determine how best to support a client? The analysis takes in all the available resources to determine the best course of action from a financial and service standpoint. Our support allows clients to know and utilize the best possible options both in quality and cost.

What do you see as a key factor of managing a client’s finances and how does it help them lead a healthier life? Preparation is the key financial factor that everyone needs to consider for a longer, healthier life. What will it cost to live with your desired quality of life in retirement? Not enough people really take the future seriously from a cost perspective. We cannot simply expect our finances to stretch without being prepared.

Do you see Financial Scenario Analysis continuing to be in high demand? Yes. As our population gets older and needs more access to healthcare, they will need more knowledge regarding finances. As Nurse Client Advocates, we can lead the process and help them achieve peace of mind.

What else would you like to share with us that would be helpful to people and companies in the future? Companies should always consider including long-term care and advocate benefits in their healthcare packages to support the long term health of their employees and their ability to contribute to a productive workplace.