Meet the Team: Nurse Client Advocate Sarah H.

“Our clients often are in very challenging circumstances. At PyxisCare, we are here to help individuals and their families navigate whatever issues arise and to help make their life the best it can be.”


My earliest experiences in the healthcare business taught me that caring for people requires a holistic approach.

As a nursing student working in a Gulf Coast trauma center, I helped workers with serious injury who also needed psycho-social support or help finding appropriate rehabilitation care.

As the owner of a home-based infusion business, I cared for patients who had specific medical needs, but who also needed a partner to guide them through insurance and financial matters.

Our work with PyxisCare ties it all together. I am able to use the knowledge and skills that I’ve developed over my career in one space.

As a Nurse Client Advocate, I build trust with our clients right off the bat as I help them through the immediate crisis. But the wonderful thing is when the clients call us again, and we talk through the next step or challenge and whatever else is going on.

We’re there for them.

My path to PyxisCare dates to a high school Sunday School CPR class. Soon after, I had to use the technique on a family member in an emergency situation. I knew that I wanted to be the person who knew how to help people with medical care.

After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing, I worked as a labor and delivery nurse, in the operating room and later in outpatient surgery and orthopedics.

That experience helped me transition to a career in medical supply sales, a role that gave me a different perspective of the healthcare system, one focused on the administrative, legal and insurance end of the business.

Some years later, I formed an in-the-home infusion business to help people who needed ongoing treatment for chronic health concerns, like Crohn’s Disease or other gastrointestinal issues. But our clients came to us for everything. If they had a financial issue, they would ask for help. If they had an issue with a relative, they wanted counseling. They needed help with housing. And above all, they needed help getting their insurance coverage straight.

I sold the business in 2017, but missed working directly with clients. When I learned about the PyxisCare model, I was blown away. This is the work I have been preparing for all my life.

As a virtual consulting nurse, my days are always different. I may help a stroke client who needs help setting up home care or finding an appropriate assisted living center. I work with trust officers who manage finances for clients recovering from traumatic brain injury. I help families figure out next steps for aging parents with multiple concerns.

Our clients and their families are kind and grateful. We tell them that we are here to help make your life and the life of the person you love the best it can be.