Meet the team: Nurse Client Advocate Rene L.

“I can authentically say this is the best job I have ever had because I can see results with clients every day. Helping these families manage their struggle brings me great joy. I take pride in making their lives better.”

I have spent my career taking care of people in every way I could—clinically as a nurse–but also by providing compassion and empathy to people who need support. My early interest in science, anatomy and physiology led to volunteering at a hospital in high school, then to nursing school and clinical practice for over a decade.

The next logical step for me was case management so I went to work for a large insurance company helping people gain access to benefits. This gave me a deep knowledge of how to help consumers and patients navigate their insurance limitations. I understand policies and can educate and inform on how clients can make the most of those benefits, plus how they can augment their plan to ensure they get the services they need. It’s an important viewpoint and I’m happy to offer this expertise.

My next position as a Registered Nurse Life Care Planner was focused on developing and facilitating care plans for people with catastrophic injuries. This was intense and rewarding, but I found myself behind a desk writing reports more often than being with the patients I was advocating for.

So, I joined PyxisCare a couple of years ago, hoping I would be able to use my clinical degree to make real change for individuals. Hoping I could use nursing skills and creativity to address the whole person–to advocate, to heal, and to work as part of a team of other committed professionals.

That leads me to now, and a story I’d like to share, that makes me smile every day. One of my clients was in a devastating car accident that left him with a significant brain injury and left most of his family deceased. It was an unspeakable situation, with too many complex issues to count—emotional and physical pain with a life-long recovery horizon, financial and legal strain, and a home that could no longer accommodate his many physical challenges.

His stepfather stepped in to take care of his most urgent needs but realized that his stepson was languishing at home with no stimulation. The client was being fed, cared for, and had a safe, accommodating place to live, but seemed to be regressing. His guardian knew he should be doing more but was overwhelmed with trying to understand the options. Fortunately, he was referred to PyxisCare for an assessment on how he could improve his stepson’s situation—so that he could still have a rich and full life despite his challenges.

Several months later, we’ve reached a wonderful milestone in our journey with this inspiring client. We were able to define additional therapies and clinical support they needed, as well as educational and occupational stimulation. Today, he is serving as a mentor to other young people who have similar intellectual abilities. He is taking cooking classes and water aerobics therapy to help with mobility. Within a few months, we have been able to help him gain more independence than he has ever had—he is even considering a move to an independent living facility where he can discover even more and have a long-term living space with peers and friends.

To me, this is what success looks like. For me…and most importantly for the client. He has a long road ahead but is well along the way to building a sustainable and happy life.

I wish I could share every story like this, because they warm my heart and lift me up. Working at PyxisCare uses the skills I’ve built for years but also keeps me in the field, working directly with people and families who are collaborating to create a better life for someone.

And that’s why PyxisCare is the best job I’ve ever had.

Rene L., PyxisCare Nurse Client Advocate
Registered Nurse