The nurses at PyxisCare collaborate and support each other to find the best care for our clients. We look at the big picture, not just a medical diagnosis, to help our families.”

–Lauren C., Nurse Client Advocate, RN

Please join us in welcoming registered nurse (RN) and nurse client advocate (NCA) Lauren C. to the PyxisCare team. We sat down with Lauren to talk about her role with PyxisCare.

Tell us how you chose nursing as your professional calling?  Nursing is my second career. I studied public relations in college, and my first job out of college was in the sports industry but I knew there was another career for me. My mom was a nurse and this field always intrigued me, so I went back to college.  I’ve been practicing for more than a decade and I enjoy every aspect of this field.  I am especially interested in the analytical side of nursing, understanding how the body works and analyzing data.

What is your role at PyxisCare? As a nurse client advocate, I use a holistic approach to help clients manage complicated health care situations. When I first meet a family, I begin with an assessment and formulate a plan. I examine all aspects of their situation including medical, psycho-social, environmental and financial factors.

Recently, we engaged a client who suddenly developed a serious, permanent medical condition. She was living in an assisted living facility but needed a higher level of care.  We looked at all aspects of her situation: With her new condition, what type of help would she need? What was her financial situation? Did a family member have Power of Attorney? What is the best fit for her:  at home with a caregiver or in a nursing home? I worked closely with her and her family to honor and meet her needs as an individual, not just someone defined by her medical condition. We value the whole person at PyxisCare and these are some of the things we consider when we meet a new client.

 What unique skills will you bring to PyxisCare?  My prior experience includes navigating complex cases in a variety of roles. Prior to joining PyxisCare, I worked in the Quality Compliance and Risk department at a hospital.  I was part of a team that analyzed data to enhance the patient experience. How can we decrease infections?  Is the hospital meeting state and federal guidelines?  Are we turning patients frequently so they are not getting ulcers?  Navigating complex medical situations transfers well to my role at PyxisCare. I adapt quickly to unique situations to ensure our clients are getting the best possible care.

I enjoy working with all clients, but I have a heart for the disabled and those with mental health issues. In an earlier role, I cared for disabled children with conditions such as cerebral palsy and rare neurological diseases. Many of these children are here for only a short time, but they have a huge impact. One client was nonverbal, but she could communicate what scared her, and what made her happy.  She lived in her own world, and I felt so grateful to be a part of increasing her quality of life.  I also enjoy working with people with serious mental illness. As a nurse, I’m devoted to supporting vulnerable populations.

 Why did you choose PyxisCare? The objective of the organization is brilliant. We work as a team to advocate for individuals or families facing life challenges by providing expertise and management to improve their quality of life. Our approach is holistic; we look at the big picture, not just the disease or diagnosis. The nurses collaborate and support each other to find the best care for our clients. There is a lot of collaboration between the staff. For example, if I’m not finding the best solution for a client, I can call another nurse on the team for assistance. I am excited to be part of the PyxisCare team.