“When I was an oncology nurse, I always worried about my patients after they left the hospital and wondered how they would deal with all the complex questions and decisions coming their way. Who would help them and their families? How would they manage?  Above all, PyxisCare is in the business of helping people and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

–Cassie H., PyxisCare Director of Business Development

In nursing school, I learned how to take care of people with complex medical challenges in a clinical setting.  As an oncology nurse, every day I learned more about what was needed to help patients and families, well beyond their medical needs.  I worried about how these families would take care of their loved ones once they came home – not just medically – but financially and emotionally. Because for most, the medical part of the journey is the first step, but the need for care, expertise and knowledge continues forever.

In addition to my nursing degree, I put my business degree to use, and have been able to expand my expertise in the medical field, working in management, sales and marketing.

Today, as the Director of Business Development for PyxisCare Management, I can contribute to a small company with a big mission. My clinical background, my understanding of the range of needs that our clients have, plus a desire to build relationships allows me to bring everything to my work.

When I heard about PyxisCare, I thought about my grandfather who passed away a few years ago and what this sort of support would have meant for my family.  I was hundreds of miles away from my family and couldn’t help them on a day to day basis; they had so much information coming at them that they needed help making good decisions regarding benefits and next steps.  I was working and wasn’t available as much as I wanted to be.

So, I’ve seen and felt the stress of dealing with difficulty and pain, while also trying to plan ahead in an unknown situation. The families we work with are often tired; our team comes in and it’s like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.  When I see their visible relief, that’s the most gratifying moment of all.