Meet the Team, Alexandria H.

“I care deeply and work hard to understand each situation a PyxisCare family faces. My gift of empathy allows me to find solutions as if our clients are my own family.”

 –Alexandria H., Client Service Coordinator

Alexandria Hall’s love and devotion to her grandmother inspires the heart of her role in serving PyxisCare clients. Hall, the new client service coordinator for the Houston area, grew up watching her family lovingly care for her grandmother, who suffered with diabetes complications. She brings this same attention and commitment to serving PyxisCare Management’s clients.

Tell us about your background.

I have a bachelor’s degree in health administration, and I started my career as a Certified Nurse Assistant. I quickly learned that I have a passion for working with people struggling with mental health disorders. I worked in a home setting taking care of patients who could not care for themselves because of a neurological or psychiatric diagnosis. One patient, for example, had the mindset of a two-year-old due to a traumatic brain injury. Other patients could not get out of bed or feed themselves. In another position I worked with people who struggled with mental illness and functioning successfully in the world. Many of our clients were homeless. One patient lived in the woods, and we worked to help him in many ways.

As a child I regularly visited my grandmother in her nursing home. Once a charismatic matriarch of the family, her legs had been amputated, and she couldn’t talk or see well. Her kids would come to the nursing home, brush her hair, and make sure she was getting the care she deserved. This experience gave me my love for serving and caring for others.

Tell us about your position at PyxisCare.

As a client service coordinator, I work with our clients and Nurse Client Advocates (NCAs) to find out what services are needed, and I do the research and legwork to get it done. The nurses on our team help organize clinical care, and I support them with everything from finding temporary housing for a family seeking medical care in another state, to researching home caregiver options.

How does your position work with other staff members at PyxisCare?

My position provides resources and support to nurses so they can focus on clinical coordination and wholistic health. In our unique roles, we work as a team to serve our families. It’s important that we communicate well with each other, and our leader Mindy encourages a culture of openness and transparency. I appreciate that other team members have been open and receptive to my questions and feedback.

What unique skills do you bring to PyxisCare?

I care deeply and work hard to understand each situation a PyxisCare family faces. My gift of empathy allows me to find solutions as if our clients are my own family. I also bring experience working with people facing mental health challenges. Mental and physical health are deeply connected. If you’re struggling with your physical health, it affects your mental health, and if your mental health is down, it’s hard to take care of your physical health. They need to be balanced. At PyxisCare I strive care for and find resources that support our clients physically and emotionally. Working with others helps my mental health too. I find joy in helping people and making sure their everyday lives are better.