Cassie Hopkins: Supporting Client Relationships

“Being honest, clear and compassionate during difficult discussions is key. Having these conversations in the correct way helps build trust during vulnerable times.

  Cassie Hopkins, PyxisCare Relationship Manager

 As PyxisCare’s Relationship Manager, you’re often introducing clients to concepts that may be new to them…what is the most commonly overlooked service that they need to know about?

Clients often do not know the full range of resources available to them, and that’s what our care managers are skilled in.  Beyond medical resources, there are often federal and local resources to tap, including day rehabs, respite care, companion care. Most don’t know the important documents necessary to have in place should they are unable to make decisions. A critical part of PyxisCare’s service is to educate our clients in making sure they have the right legal documents in place and why those documents are important in case of emergency.

What is the one document they are most surprised by when ensuring they are prepared for the future?  Younger and middle aged clients are often surprised when we ask them if they have an MPOA (Medical Power of Attorney) in place or a living will. Thinking about being unable to make your own medical decisions is a very vulnerable discussion and many think of it as something an older or ill person must have. Regardless of age, one should consider who can make medical decisions on their behalf. We work in an industry where life changes in an instant and these plans are a critical safeguard.

How do you approach leading clients through difficult decisions?  Being honest, clear and compassionate during difficult discussions is key, and you want clients to understand the weight of the decisions being made. Having these conversations in the correct way helps build trust during vulnerable times.

What is the importance of your role in supporting whole person care?   I am the introduction to what PyxisCare can do to help individuals and companies navigate difficult health care situations. Our Nurse Client Advocates are the heart of the team. They are there through all the difficult times with our clients, advocating on their behalf, and its my honor to continue to support the ongoing relationships we build. I often pull together a care team, which could include a financial planner, a medical services team and a lawyer or law firm who can assist with key documents.

 Your experience as a nurse helps bring a special kind of compassion to your current  role.  What else have you learned in your time with PyxisCare?  When I was a nurse, my goals were primarily clinical, to get the patient healthy enough to be discharged or to move on to the next step of their recovery. At PyxisCare, we truly take a holistic approach that encompasses their environment, finances/benefits, legal/documents, and psychosocial/emotional. Our approach ensures that our clients understand their options and are able to make informed decisions for loved ones. PyxisCare’s goal is to help with the health and well-being of not only our clients but their caregivers and families. It has been an amazing experience and I am proud of this team every day.