A Simple Plan: The Ten Pillars

A Simple Plan: The Ten Pillars

Every day I talk with business owners, corporate executives, human resources professionals, and people managers; it’s the best part of my day.  Primarily I’m advising them as clients on how to improve workforce health, or we’re in direct engagement supporting employees and family members. Sometimes they’re just asking for shortcuts to help their teams.

Help in a Crisis

Once a family or an individual is in crisis with a health issue or emergency, PyxisCare IS that shortcut to better decisions, expert guidance and always on-time support. In those moments we become YOUR team, and we won’t stop working for the best possible outcomes.

Kickstart Change

At a company level, when you’re trying to change culture, improve systems and lifestyles, there aren’t any shortcuts. Like any diet, you can kickstart change, but it’s a temporary fix.  And for companies, you want to hardwire good behaviors.  It’s about accountability to the lifestyle you choose.

For our corporate clients, our Nurse Client Advocates (NCA), working with our Director of Personal Health Nursing, provide guidance well beyond care coordination for benefits and medical challenges. Supporting employees through  confusing and often frightening medical issues is our mission. Helping teams and individuals live a healthier lifestyle is our JOY.

Hardwiring Success

Our simple plan is called The Ten Pillars and it’s based on routine, the simple routines of healthy functioning.  Breath, hydration, movement, therapies, mental health practice and more, plus goal setting, personal safety and healthy relationships.  Our team creates custom plans for all who participate, as well as daily accountability practices.

Those familiar with PyxisCare will know that we base our individual work on creating thorough custom care plans based on the clients’ specific needs.  In fact, after an assessment, some people choose to work their care plans independently and have routine check-ins with their PyxisCare NCA.   For corporate clients, the Ten Pillars becomes part of their daily routine, in addition to other strategies to improve health.

There is no magic in these Ten Pillars or any one of the hundreds of lifestyle programs or self-help books. Instead, a guide is needed, a partner – a simple plan – and that’s where we make a real and everyday difference for clients.

If you would like to know more about our programs to protect your workforce, serve your team, and build personal and business longevity, call me.  And spending time with you will be the best part of my day.