Meet the Team: Laura Jones, Client Services Manager

Meet the Team:

Laura Jones, Client Services Manager


“Our approach is truly holistic. Being able to be part of a company that does that type of thing is incredible.”

Have you ever looked back on your life and thought that the sum of your experience prepared you for a career that you did not know was possible? I feel that way about my role as the PyxisCare Client Services Manager.

Since 2017, I have led a team of accomplished Nurse Client Advocates who take a holistic approach to evaluating clients’ needs.

I coach our team on how to develop comprehensive solutions by considering five interrelated aspects of care: medical, financial, environmental, psycho-social and legal needs. We strive for the highest levels of customer service and improved health and quality of life for the individuals and families we serve.

We brainstorm about ways to assist our clients with often complicated needs and think outside the box by bouncing ideas off each other rather than saying it must be done a certain way. We work together to development the best outcomes for each client.

We do extensive training around understanding personality types and communications preferences, and I match our Nurse Client Advocates with the clients they can serve best. Some clients want just the facts, a solution to a dilemma. Others need more conversation and interaction. We have to understand whether they prefer a text message or a phone call. It’s finding that space that works best for each person.

I learned about PyxisCare in 2014 through a former colleague who I had worked with at a hospice agency. I was attracted by the opportunity to work directly with clients and make a positive impact on their lives.

My father was an anesthesiologist. I worked in his office as an insurance clerk. As life progressed, I worked as a receptionist for gynecologist and an orthodontist. My family lived in Nacogdoches for a time, and there I had another great opportunity to work for the County Court at Law, where I learned a lot about the legal aspects of caring for others.

Insurance is one of the big questions for our clients. Options have changed so dramatically over the past few years, and there are so many choices with supplemental policies and prescription policies. Even year-to-year, the policies change. We can help our clients evaluate the best option for each individual.

We’re also experts at finding federal, state and local benefits. We have the experience to know how various benefits would affect a specific client and how to help them access those resources.

The changes we can help people make in their lives are inspiring and rewarding. It’s not always a big thing, but when our team finds a benefit that helps a client, for example, pay the electric bill or pay for a cell phone and learn to use it, that can make a huge difference in their quality of life.

We had a young client who was in a wheelchair. More than anything, this person wanted to go to a WWE Wrestling event. He lived in an outlying community and didn’t have the resources to attend this type of thing on his own

PyxisCare connected him with Easter Seals, and they provided the tickets for a caregiver and him to go to a match. We arranged transportation. It was just an outside-the-box experience that helped improve his quality of life. To him it was huge.

Being able to be part of a company that does that type of thing is incredible.

In the current COVID-19 environment, we are doing everything we can virtually – by phone, sometimes with Facetime. We are monitoring clients and making sure that there are appropriate caregivers in the home, making sure pharmacies are delivering medications, and scheduling food deliveries, among other needs.

The feedback is usually so, so grateful. People truly appreciate that you are helping them. You build trust with clients, and they know that they can count on the entire PyxisCare team to be warm, kind and caring.

I love the company. I love the mission. And I just see the potential as being unlimited.