It’s critical that clients be proactive in planning ahead and seeking out care management before they’re in the middle of a healthcare crisis.”

-- SABINA BRAMLETT, Partner; Dallas office of FOX ROTHSCHILD, LLP

How does legal planning impact the healthcare experience?

In estate planning, a significant area of focus is planning for a potential incapacity, including healthcare decisions. A typical legal estate plan includes a medical power of attorney – which authorizes an agent to make health care decisions when you are incapable of do so; a living will, known as a directive to physicians in Texas, - which expresses your wishes in a life-support situation; and a HIPAA authorization – which names the people you wish to authorize to receive your health and medical information.

What is the biggest surprise to clients about the intersection of medical and legal?

The typical legal documents – a medical power of attorney, living will and HIPAA authorization only cover a small portion of the considerations of a person’s healthcare and medical needs. We have in-depth conversations with clients about all aspects of their wishes.

Which document do you think is the most difficult to work on with clients?

The living will is the most difficult and always raises the most questions, both because it is uncomfortable to consider the scenario of needing to make a life-support decision, and because the language in the statutory form is a bit convoluted and difficult to understand. Legal counsel can make this an easier process.

What is the role of care coordination with lawyers and the legal process?

An individual’s healthcare needs are often expansive and very personal, requiring a high level of expertise and experienced care management skills. Care coordination fills in the gaps between the typical legal documents and the much broader healthcare needs of a person.

Tell us about your experience with PyxisCare and care management teams.

Clients and attorneys who have worked with care management teams are very grateful to have care coordination and experience on their side when navigating the complex world of health and wellness.