Pyxis Care Management  is committed to providing advocacy services to people from all walks of life. Our diverse team of advocates is highly trained with a breadth and depth of experience that ensures we are able to help you achieve your goal – a good life. While your situation is hard and comes with its own brand of unique challenges that can be overwhelming, we are here to help you make it easy and manageable. By developing a customized plan that focuses on your needs and abilities, we help you overcome each and every obstacle. Whether you are old or young, well or ill, able or disabled, we can help you navigate the complex world of life care.


Advocacy is the act of supporting a cause or proposal. You are our cause. By serving as your advocate, we support and promote your interests. We are your champion, and we fight to defend your honor. While we don't have the shining armor or a white horse, we do have the people and expertise to fight for your rights. As advocates, we orchestrate and coordinate. We serve as an intermediary between you and the complex world of healthcare payors and providers. These can include: your doctors, care facilities, pharmacies, government agencies, insurance companies, home care providers, attorneys, domestic services, etc. Our representation allows you to focus on the more important things – staying active, enjoying the company of family and friends, maintaining dignity, and living your life the way you choose to live it.

Life Care

Pyxis Care Management understands that your health concerns don't end as soon as you leave the doctor's office, get discharged from the hospital, or get the insurance check in the mail. That's often when the challenges are just beginning. That's why we espouse the concept of Life Care. Just as your health is only one aspect of your life, our medical coordination services are only one aspect of our service portfolio. Life Care is designed to provide the "surround sound" that accounts for, and incorporates, all facets of your unique situation - not just medical concerns. By addressing all aspects together with your other needs and desires (i.e., education, entertainment, family, recreation, religion, etc.), Life Care creates a simple roadmap to a good life. Because our services are scalable, Life Care also ensures that you get the amount of care you need when you need it most. We are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your advocate will be by your side when you need them most. Whether it's a doctor's visit or physical therapy session, a judicial hearing or visitation mediation, or simply an extra hand at a family event; we are there for you.


We want to hear from you about your situation. Please contact us by calling 888 . 877. 5874, by sending an email to, or through our contact form and we'll get back to you with how we can help.